The Continuous Coaching Platform

As a coach you work hard to develop your materials and stay engaged with your clients. You should use a platform that works just as hard as you do.

Write Your Investigation

Investigations are how you find out what's going on with your coachees. Go beyond passive surveys and put your own "coaching intelligence" in to enable custom reports that provide depth to your clients, automatically.

Beautiful Printed Reports

When your coachees participate in investigations, you can provide them automatically with printable reports of their answers, along with your investigation commentary on their individual responses.

Custom Branding

Your investigations, reports, and your store can all be adorned with your own logo and colour scheme. Keep your brand consistent with your other materials, and say goodbye to tedious formatting and layout.

Workspaces Provide Focus

Gather your coachees into workspaces in order to focus your work with them. Easily send an investigation with a few clicks into any of your active workspaces. Organize by topic, level of experience, whatever makes sense for you.

Optional Storefront

We're like an app store for your Investigations. We take care of all the commerce, you set your prices, and we send you your commissions. Take your years of experience, put it into a custom branded storefront just for you.

Simple Licensing

Use it for your private coaching practice a low monthly price per user, or talk to us about enterprise pricing, designed for organizations wishing to build multi-level internal coaching programs.

How does it help?

Our tools and technologies help coaches engage their clients or teams, measure improvements, and change behaviours. Unlike tools that reduce a coaches workload by reducing the team to an average, our software can make coaching more efficient, effective, and personal!

ContinuousCoaching will help when:

  • You have too many people to manage (span of responsibility)
  • You don’t know what to tell them
  • You are wasting your time giving formulaic feedback
  • You don’t have the time to give personalised feedback
  • Your team isn’t improving, or you don’t know if they are
  • You are having trouble getting your team to a common understanding
  • You don’t know what they’re experiencing, you feel disconnected from what’s happening in the field
  • Behaviour reverts quickly with classic teaching/training techniques


Who are we?

Dan Hostick

Dan Hostick


After 45 years coaching entrepreneurs, I’m excited to be involved in this endeavour because I see the possibility of reaching and helping a broader range of people, and to translate my library of materials for digital delivery.

Stacey Vetzal

Stacey Vetzal


As a coach, and having built software development organizations in the past, I’m excited to both apply my coaching skills with a fresh team of developers, and to explore this opportunity to change the way people coach others using technology.

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