The following changes have been pushed to production this past weekend:

  • improved consistency on email “from” addresses
    • most emails now arrive from and have their reply-to set to the coach so that if a recipient does reply, the coach gets their response
      • the exception to this is sign-up and password change confirmation emails, because there’s no coach involved
  • improved consistency and clarity on email subject lines
    • many re-written to better show the intent of the email
  • improved email content during a product purchase that requires a new account setup
    • encourages user to continue process in order to receive their questionnaire and ultimately their report
  • improved email content during general account setup
    • provides encouragement and re-states what they’ll be able to do once set up is done
  • corrected “24h” notice on invitation to indicate actual length of expiry of 72h
  • improved email content when coachee is sent a questionnaire, provides more clarity why they should finalize their answers
  • improved email content to coachee and coach when a questionnaire has been completed and the coach has indicated that a report should be sent automatically
Categories: Release Notes